Speed ​​breaks down in tears after seeing Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal eliminated from Euro 2024

Popular social media star Speed ​​couldn’t hold back his tears after watching Portugal’s elimination from Euro 2024.

Portugal’s journey to Euro 2024 ended on Friday night after France defeated them 5-3 in a quarter-final penalty shoot-out.

The match was particularly emotional for captain Cristiano Ronaldo, who, after narrowly beating Slovenia in the previous round, confirmed that the 2024 tournament will be his last Euros.

Popular YouTube and TikTok sensation IShowSpeed ​​has built a career idolizing Ronaldo, whom he finally met last year.

And the social media star broke down in tears after watching his favourite player play his final game at the Euros.

Speed ​​​​attended the final Euro 2024 group stage match between Portugal and Georgia. (Image: Getty)

The American streamed the match live on his YouTube channel and moments after Theo Hernandez scored the winning penalty for France, he immediately began sobbing.

The 19-year-old also appears to cut his hand as he smashes a glass in anger, exclaiming: “That’s it, that’s your last game bro.”

“He’s never coming back. He’s not going to play in the World Cup, he’s about to retire, that’s all.”

Once she composed herself, she took to social media to post her full response.

In an Instagram post after the match, Speed ​​said: “Fuck I can’t be the only one who feels this way. I can’t stop crying. Knowing this is his last game for Portugal makes me feel like I’m dead inside. I will always support this man. WE LOVE YOU Ronaldo and I love everyone else on the Portugal national team. Everyone keep your heads up.”

While Friday’s game was Ronaldo’s last at the Euros, the 39-year-old has yet to confirm whether he will continue playing for his national team or if he plans to travel to the 2026 World Cup in the United States.

IShowSpeed ​​has been breaking out on social media in 2024 and recently appeared in WWE, where Randy Orton applied an RKO to him. (Image: Getty)

Speed, whose real name is Darren Jason Watkins Jr, appeared on social media platform TikTok playing various games and apps and comically mispronouncing footballers’ names and Ronaldo’s iconic catchphrase “SIU”.

He recently made national headlines after an incident in Norway, where he watched the match, led him to vow never to return to the country after being harassed by hundreds of fans who attacked him and his team.

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