‘The ACC is not as fun to watch as the Big 12’

In a recent episode of the On Late Kick with Josh Pate, the college football commentator discussed the differences in the on-field products of the ACC and the Big 12 Conference.

Pate responded to some negative reactions from fans on social media attempting to discredit his opinion of the Big 12 Conference as “Conference USA.” In the process of his explanation, ACC fans picked up on some criticism of their league.

“What if we, as a college football audience, saw the Big 12 the way the Big 12 should be seen? If you follow me on Twitter, I got attacked by a psychopath today and started criticizing me because I called the Big 12 America’s college football conference,” Pate said. “That’s what I’ve called it and I’ll continue to call it. I gave my reasons: There’s no greater competitive balance from top to bottom in any college football conference in America than the Big 12. You want roster synergy? You want culture to be a core value? It’s never more on display than in the Big 12.”

Pate dubbed the league “Conference USA” earlier this offseason, drawing criticism from those who say they are fed up with the modern era of college football. With conference restructuring rapidly changing the landscape, Pate said the Big 12 is where he believes college football’s rich history lies.

“I don’t need you to be a playoff contender to enjoy watching you,” Pate continued. “I don’t have that in common with everybody, so one guy came up to me and said, ‘Why don’t you talk about the ACC that way?’ Because the ACC isn’t as fun to watch as the Big 12.”

Despite the conversation being strictly focused on the difference in on-field performance, most of the headlines addressing both the ACC and Big 12 revolve around the topic of further conference restructuring. Pate continued his thoughts by mentioning that college football, in its purest form, should be something that fans enjoy watching rather than simply aiming for new fads and trends.

Pate concluded his thoughts by saying, “It’s college football, it doesn’t have to be all about the man-made playoff that’s been arbitrarily placed as a caboose, disguised as an engine in the back half of this train.”