8 Things Homeowners Associations Can No Longer Do to Palm Beach County Homeowners

As of July 1, a new Florida law went into effect that limits what homeowners associations in the state and Palm Beach County can do to their members.

Homeowners Associations Can No Longer Do These 8 Things to Palm Beach County Homeowners:

  1. Apply the rules to some residents but not to others

  2. Prohibit homeowners or their guests from parking personal, commercial, or first responder vehicles (including pickup trucks) other than commercial vehicles in their driveways or any other area where they are entitled to park under state, county, and municipal regulations.

  3. Prohibit contractors or workers from accessing the owner’s property.

  4. Fine residents for leaving trash cans on the curb or at the end of their driveway within 24 hours of scheduled trash collection.

  5. Fine residents for leaving Christmas lights or decorations up beyond homeowners association rules without prior notice, after which the owner will have one week to remove them.

  6. Restrict or create rules for the interior of a structure that is not visible from the street, a neighbor’s property, an adjacent common area, or a community golf course

  7. Prohibit vegetable gardens or clotheslines if they are not visible from the street, a neighbor’s property, an adjacent common area, or a community golf course.

  8. Require review and approval of plans for a central air conditioning, refrigeration, heating or ventilation system that is not visible from the street, a neighbor’s property, an adjacent common area or a community golf course and is similar to previously approved systems. If a construction or improvement request is denied, the homeowners association must also provide a written notice that “indicates with specificity” exactly why and under what rule or covenant.

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What is the HOA Act of 2024 (HB 1203) in Florida?

HB 1203, Homeowners Association, was just one of several homeowners association bills introduced in this year’s legislative session to rein in association excesses, but it may be the most sweeping, as it essentially amounts to a Homeowners Bill of Rights. This law comes on the heels of another requiring homeowners associations to allow homeowners to harden their homes against hurricanes.

Limited Property Owners Association Fines in Palm Beach County and Florida

There are also major changes to fines for homeowners associations.

  • Homeowners associations may not impose fines greater than $100 per violation or more than $1,000 in total if daily fines are imposed.

  • Homeowners associations cannot place a lien on a parcel for fines under $1,000

  • If the violation is corrected before the hearing or in the manner specified in the written notice, the fine or suspension may not be imposed.

For more information on Florida’s new homeowners association law, read the full story here:Here’s What Palm Beach County Homeowners Associations Can’t Do to You Starting Monday, July 1

This article originally appeared on Palm Beach Post: New HOA Laws: Rule Changes in Florida and Palm Beach County