Kevin Costner is putting aside his old dating rules for a possible new romance with Hollywood’s leading ladies, a source says

Kevin Costner, celebrated for his charismatic presence both on and off screen, has found himself back in the spotlight amid the turmoil surrounding his recent divorce from Christine Baumgartner, his partner of nearly two decades.

Kevin Costner in Horizon (image credit: Warner Brothers)

As she navigates this new chapter of her life, the world watches with excitement and anticipation, curious about the next phase in the romantic saga of Dancing with Wolves Reports suggest he is scrapping the old manual and writing a new one as he goes along.

Kevin Costner is shaking up his love life

Kevin Costner, the Horizon The actor used to avoid dating within his industry, as evidenced by his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, who is a designer. Now that their 18-year marriage is over, Costner is eager to change things up.

Some time ago there were rumors that he was romantically linked to singer Jewel. However, according to an exclusive report from Life and Style magazine, the director of Horizon He is now determined to find a new high-profile partner and has chosen not to adhere to the rule he previously followed. They revealed:

There are so many beautiful, attractive women in his circle that catch his eye right now. They were out of his league when he was married, and even in the past he avoided dating anyone in the industry because he was worried it would lead to conflict, but he’s let go of that old rule and is looking at all the possibilities instead. He’s top-notch, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t have a top-notch girlfriend.

Jewel in the music video for My Father’s Daughter. Credit: Jewel/YT.

The source further revealed that:

He’s always been close with Jennifer Aniston, who adores him and would probably date him in a heartbeat. There’s Sandra Bullock, who he’s known for years. Reese Witherspoon is now single and he’s always had a crush on her, there’s nothing stopping him from asking her out. He doesn’t have anything set in his mind or obsessed with any woman at the moment, he’s just very excited about the idea of ​​diving headfirst into dating. He’s no longer holding back, he’s totally open to the idea of ​​dating a movie star and everyone in his world is cheering him on.

While nothing can be definitively confirmed about the actor, judging by the source’s statements, Costner certainly seems pretty happy and ready to dive back into the dating scene.

Kevin Costner’s divorce was “A heartbreaking moment” For him

Kevin Costner’s 18-year marriage to Christine Baumgartner came to an end earlier this year. Baumgartner filed for divorce from the Yellowstone star, quoting “irreconcilable differences,” May 1, 2023.

Following a complicated legal process, they officially divorced in February 2024. Baumgartner is currently in a romantic relationship with financier Josh Connor, with whom she has been friends for a long time, People reported. Reflecting on the divorce during an interview with CBS MorningsCostner described it as,

It’s a shattering time. You know, when you have such a long life with someone, there’s no winner… and it’s this big, crazy thing called life and how it falls apart so quickly. One moment you feel like you’re on top of the world, and then you realize how vulnerable you are. She’s an amazing mother. We’ll figure it out and we’ll share it. Now we just have to convalesce a little bit.

Kevin Costner as John Dutton in Yellowstone | Paramount Plus

Initially, Baumgartner was demanding $248,000 a month in child support for their three children. It was later determined that Costner would be responsible for paying $63,209 a month in child support, according to Fox.

Despite the bitterness of the divorce, Kevin Costner speaks highly of his ex-wife. Now that the legal proceedings have been resolved, Costner is focusing on his ambitious four-part film and his personal life.