Monarch star Bryan Auguste commits to play college football in the SEC

Bryan Auguste {Photos by Spaeder}

The Monarch High School football team has another major commitment, as offensive tackle Bryan Auguste will play at the University of Kentucky.

Auguste began playing soccer just two years ago, starting at Boyton Beach High School. He played one year on the junior varsity team before moving up and then transferring to Monarch High School as a junior. He was a big part of helping the Knights win their second straight district championship and their first regional title in school history.

“Getting engaged was like being on top of the world,” Auguste said. “I mean, finally knowing where you’re going to spend the next four years is an amazing feeling. I wish everyone could feel the way I did at that moment.”

Offensively, the Knights threw for 4,442 passing yards and also rushed for an additional 2,253 yards.

When considering where he wanted to play in college, Auguste focused on finding the right coaching staff and playing in tough competition.

He hopes to improve his pass protection technique, but he still has one more year on the Monarch varsity team. The Knights will play their first game this year on Aug. 22 against Peachtree Ridge High School.

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