Trojans Read the Way Bookmobile Brings Books to Jenks Neighborhoods

JENKS, Oklahoma — In this scorching summer heat, ice cream trucks normally roll through neighborhoods, but in Jenks, a “mobile library” is making its way.

Families can come to a book bus and take two books of whatever they want.

Trojan Read the Way is a nonprofit organization supported by Jenks Public Schools and other donations.

This project has been running for five years. The goal is for everyone to have a library at home, because once a child chooses a book, it is theirs forever.

Jenks Public Schools teacher Mary Arlan has been volunteering for three years and said each week brings new and familiar smiles as children find books.

It’s so much fun to help kids pick out books, to see their eyes light up when we have something they love, like “Dog Man” or “Wimpy Kid” or “Peppa Pig” or some kind of graphic novel or a book that they may not have had a chance to look at during the school year. They can get it and take it home.

There are eight stops between Tuesday and Thursday each week. Families line up to wait for their turn.

Liz Wright

“When you get to a park or somewhere else and kids stop what they’re doing, stop playing and run to the bus to come get a book, it’s amazing,” Arlan said.

The program has seen a 60% growth in visitor numbers in just one year and 84% in two years. The program has distributed nearly 3,000 books, with an average of 250 readers on both Tuesday and Thursday.

The problem the program faces is that there aren’t enough books to give out, but that doesn’t stop people of all ages from coming to find the right book. For volunteers like Mary, that makes it all worthwhile.

WATCH: Children enjoy the mobile library ‘Trojans read the way’

Children enjoy the mobile library ‘Trojans read the way’

“It’s a very gratifying feeling for me. I love it,” Arlan said.

Adding another ‘sweet’ surprise, there are lollipops for readers once they choose their books.

If you want to donate to the program or want a book, here is their Facebook.

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