Hurricane Beryl destroys trees in Montgomery County’s River Plantation neighborhood months after May flooding

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — According to Montgomery County officials, River Plantation, on the south side of their county, is one of the hardest hit areas.

Neighbors said Hurricane Beryl came with a huge impact and knocked down massive trees across the county. In River Plantation, neighbors told ABC13 they are shocked by the extent of the destruction left behind by this storm.

“The wind this time was so strong that it was devastating for our neighborhood,” said Melissa Minieri, who lives in River Plantation. “(Monday) was overwhelming. (Tuesday) we thought, ‘OK, we can do this.'”

If River Plantation sounds familiar to you, it may be because of the disasters it suffered in the not-so-long-ago past.

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Neighbors said a cleanup is being done in this community.

“My plan is that once I find a place with air conditioning, I’ll go outside and clean up the yard and I can go somewhere to cool off,” said Doug Begin, who lives in River Plantation. “It’s a mess, but we’re very thankful that it didn’t hit the roof of the house, so there’s no holes and no water.”

Aaron Yankey said when the wind picked up Monday morning, a tall tree collapsed onto his garage and his mother’s new home.

“We didn’t realize how devastating the tree was until we let the wind die down. It practically split my mom’s house in two,” said Yankey, who has lived in River Plantation for a year.

Yankey told ABC13 he was remodeling the house next door for his mom and was two weeks away from surprising her. Unfortunately, it will take much longer. until she can move and live with her grandchildren.

“It has affected us a lot, but at least we have good people around us,” Minieri said.

The neighbors ultimately stick together and look out for each other as the storm of life brings challenges.

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