Caroline Stanbury’s daughter Yasmine breaks down over Sergio

Discovering new relationship dynamics is hard, especially when children are involved – just ask Caroline Stanbury, Sergio Carrallo and Caroline’s eldest daughter, Yasmine Habib.

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During season 2, episode 6 of The Real Housewives of DubaiOn the NBC show, which aired Tuesday, July 9, Yasmine broke down while talking about her mother’s husband. The conversation took place over a crispy salmon pizza and a plate of wagyu gyozas as the mother and daughter went out to eat; Yasmine had just returned from a college study trip to the United States with her father, Cem Habib.

“At the end of the day, he’s not my father,” the teenager explained after her mother asked her if she could have a better relationship with her stepfather. “I try, but sometimes he makes it really hard for me. That’s all I’m going to say.”

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Ever diplomatic, Yasmine expanded on her statement.

“I really don’t like him intervening when you’re trying to educate us; that’s not his place,” she said.

While Caroline pointed out that families coming together takes time, Yasmine refuted the idea. “It was a quarantine and he arrived the week after dad left,” she said. “I don’t think it’s fair to say it takes time, because you didn’t give us time.”

Yasmine says Caroline Stanbury puts her husband before her children

While discussing Yasmine’s future college career, Caroline asked her if she was scared of living alone. Yasmine replied that she actually thinks she’ll be pretty good at it.

“Well, it’s going to be really weird,” Caroline replied. “I guess I just always take it for granted that you’re all with me. Maybe we can find some fun things to do together this year. Look, I’m going to try harder.”

Caroline then asked Yasmine if she feels prioritized.

“No,” Yasmine said. “I don’t think you prioritize any of us. (You prioritize) Sergio, to be honest.”

When Caroline promised her daughter that she is, in fact, a priority (“I don’t want you to feel like I’m always defending him,” she said), Yasmine got emotional. “Yes you do. That’s what really bothers me,” her daughter shared. “Because if someone else spoke to me the way he speaks to me in our arguments, the way you would react would be very different. And then you always end up yelling at me and nothing else, which I don’t think is fair, because it takes two to have an argument. And then I’m the one who gets yelled at because I’m some kind of catty thing. I’m not. That’s not fair.”

After Caroline acknowledged her daughter’s feelings, they both agreed that she would try to make some changes in the future, “even with Sergio.”

Caroline Stanbury said she “regrets” not giving her children time to adjust to her relationship with Sergio

After Yasmine said that Sergio arrived so soon after her parents’ separation, Caroline acknowledged that such a quick move was hard on her family.

“My kids didn’t have much time to adjust and that’s one of my biggest regrets. Covid accelerated our relationship a hundredfold,” she explained in an interview. “My ex-husband left home and then Sergio was stuck here. But at the same time, his father and I had grown apart. So, with or without Sergio, I was getting a divorce.”

Caroline later added that it “breaks her heart” to see her daughter so upset about their relationship.

“It’s a horrible situation, my husband and my daughter,” she said. “But there’s no stepfather in the world who has ever felt welcomed by the family. It doesn’t happen like that, so every time there’s an argument it’s his fault. ‘You’re not part of this family.’ ‘I hate you.’ And that’s a horrible thing to say when someone’s been by your side for almost five years. I can’t win. Or he can’t win.”

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