Video shows man attacking young coffee cart owners with racist remarks in Altadena

A video captured the moment a man attacked young business owners in Altadena with a racist rant.

The owners of Ka-Ibigan Cafe set up their coffee cart outside their home on Mount Curve Avenue after receiving permits to open the shop. The shop serves drinks inspired by Filipino and Mexican fusion flavors.

The cart was open for only a few days when on Monday, a neighbor suddenly approached them and began yelling at the business owners in a racist speech.

In the video of the confrontation, the man is seen approaching the family and angrily saying: “Maybe they could open a brothel, that could be good too, or a meth lab. Maybe they could open something else that is illegal.”

He is later heard shouting: “You’re breaking the law!”

The family the man attacked said they calmly explained to him that they were licensed, but the man did not listen and threatened to take legal action against them.

“He was putting his hands up and pointing his finger in my face,” said Jennifer Schweitzer, the mother of the business owners.

The young coffee cart owners said they worked hard to open their business after obtaining the proper permits and their food handler license.

They initially set up shop in the driveway of their home with a table. As residents and neighbors continued to support their business, they eventually purchased a small trailer where they could prepare and serve drinks to customers.

“We are here with a dream and a plan and we are trying to make it a reality,” said Marina Solís, co-owner of the coffee cart.

According to the victims, the man later returned to apologize but continued to make racist comments about the family and said he was surprised to see their business thriving in a predominantly white neighborhood.

The victims said they were left stunned and disturbed by the confrontation.

“Given the community support we have, it was disconcerting to see someone so upset and angry about (our business),” Solis said.

“The fact that it’s right around the corner from where we are was a little scary for us,” said neighbor Fatan Tchelepi. “I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is in the neighborhood,’ so it’s pretty inconvenient.”

After the video of the confrontation was posted on social media, the Ka-Ibigan coffee cart received an outpouring of support from the community and a noticeable increase in customers.

“I know the hustle and bustle and I know what it’s all about,” said Askan Emami, a customer. “It’s very exciting to have an idea and want to share it with people and have people show you love. When I passed by there, I was so happy to see them there.”

As for the young cart owners, they said the incident left them a little shaken, but they remain dedicated to pursuing their dreams and offering the best product to their growing number of loyal customers.

They also hope to earn enough money to buy a generator so they can do business with their cart in different locations. Their ultimate goal is to earn enough funds to open a physical location.