Transgender woman injured in alleged hotel attack

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Video from the District Hotel first published by News 4 shows the moments before and after an alleged attack that occurred Saturday night at the hotel on Northwest 39th Street.

The hotel said the incident involved a transgender woman, Riley Eastman.

Police have described the situation as an argument between friends and the hotel wants something to be done.

“Nobody is going to get away with anything here. We’ll catch them eventually,” said Tim Selby, co-owner of the District Hotel.

The victim told News 4 what happened just before the attack.

“They got my room key and came back after going out drinking at one of the bars and came back around 1:40 a.m.,” said Riley Eastman, the victim.

Security footage showed two people walking past the pool and then entering the victim’s room.

“It escalated. One of them grabbed a picture frame off the wall and threw it at me on the bed. I threw it back and the other one started hitting me. I collapsed into a fetal position and he continued to hit me all over my body, covering the bruises on the bones in my arms and the cuts all over my body,” Eastman said.

Security footage also showed one of the alleged suspects taking Eastman’s purse out of the room and then leaving it on a fire extinguisher in the hallway.

The other person can be seen holding the hotel room door closed with Eastman still inside.

That’s when a neighbor stepped in to help.

“I opened the door and what I found was a nightmare. Riley was covered in blood,” Katherine Taylor said.

Taylor also explained that the hotel room looked messy.

“There was broken glass everywhere from the lamp that she was hit in the head with, she was lying in bed, there was blood on the sheets, the walls, the door, blood on me because I was helping her,” Taylor said.

The hotel said they already have over 60 security cameras on the property and are looking to add even more security measures to ensure the safety of their guests.

“We don’t want anything to be swept under the carpet,” said Steven Blundell, co-owner of the District Hotel.

Oklahoma City police said they know the names of the suspects but will not release them publicly.

They are still investigating the alleged attack and it is not yet known whether any arrests will be made.