When did Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Ryan Anderson split?

Gypsy Rose BlanchardGypsy Rose, a woman infamous for her role in the tragic murder of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, captivated the public’s attention for months during her arrest and trial in 2016. After serving nearly eight of her 10-year prison sentence, she found love. Gypsy Blanchard’s whirlwind romance with boyfriend Ryan Anderson continued until its culmination in a jailhouse marriage ceremony in June 2022. Despite the odds, their union seemed unbreakable — but it didn’t last. Now, Gypsy Rose is expecting her first child with ex-fiancé Ken Urker. So that begs the question: when did she and Ryan break up?

Ryan Anderson: Pen Pal and Love in Prison

Ryan Scott Anderson was a sixth-grade social studies teacher in Louisiana when he entered the life of Gypsy Rose Blanchard through a letter, a connection forged in the most unlikely of circumstances. While Gypsy was serving time in prison for her role in her mother’s murder, Ryan reached out to her. His genuine words and keen sense of humor caught her attention. In her own words: “What struck me most about Ryan’s letter is not only how genuine it sounded, but also how funny it is.”

Their correspondence turned into something more. When Gypsy was released on parole, Ryan was there, waiting to pick her up. Although they had married in a prison ceremony in 2022, Gypsy once explained to him that she wished to marry Ryan again and start a family with him. But life outside of prison proved challenging, and their relationship soon began to fall apart.

The separation

On April 3, TMZ published an article purportedly from sources close to Gypsy Rose and Ryan Anderson, which explained how and why the couple had split. According to the sources, Gypsy told her family and friends that Ryan had become increasingly argumentative after his release from prison, making her feel incompetent in almost everything he did. Tensions in their relationship were further exacerbated by Ryan’s jealousy over Gypsy spending time with his father.

Sometime in late March 2024, just three months after Gypsy was released from prison, one of these arguments apparently took a dark turn and ended with Gypsy locking herself in the bathroom, fearful of her husband’s wrath. Ryan Anderson, who is physically taller than Gypsy’s petite figure, allegedly banged on the door, demanding to come in.

Gypsy’s close friend Nadiya Vizier also revealed that PEOPLE Gypsy was afraid that he would beat her, an experience she knew all too well at the hands of her deceased, abusive mother. When the supposedly irate Anderson calmed down, Gypsy called a close relative to come pick her up, ending the marriage. Gypsy then moved into her father’s home in Cut Off, Louisiana.

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