Heat delays trash collection in Raleigh neighborhood, city says they are protecting workers from high temperatures

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA (WTVD) — The City of Raleigh is taking to social media and its website to send out messages about abandoned trash.

The city said it is simply trying to protect workers from the dangers of high heat.

ABC11 checked the area and found trash overflowing from some dumpsters in northwest Raleigh near Grove Barton Road.

The problem was even more evident on Kings Garden Road, near Glass Tower Way.

The problems began last week after Independence Day.

Garbage was supposed to be collected last Friday, but the city had to send workers home because of the dangerous heat.

On Friday, July 5, Raleigh recorded its hottest day on record at 106 degrees. Friday’s wind chill also remained in the triple digits.

Raleigh said he hopes to be up to date by Thursday. They have asked that their containers be left at the curb for pickup. There will be no fines or warnings during this correction period.

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The city posted this message

“High temperatures and the heat index experienced over the July 4 holiday weekend forced Solid Waste Services (SWS) crews to end some routes early. Over the next few days, SWS crews will continue to provide curbside service to regularly scheduled customers and collect carts that were not picked up due to the heat index. If your cart was not picked up, please leave it at the curb until it is picked up. The City will not be issuing warnings or fines during this correction period.”

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