Trump offers Biden a chance to ‘redeem himself’ with a debate

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday night offered President Joe Biden a chance to “redeem himself” with a second presidential debate this week.

Trump made the comments at a rally at his Trump National Doral Miami resort in Doral, Florida, broadcast live on Newsmax2.

Biden is still struggling nearly two weeks after the first presidential debate in Atlanta. That’s why Trump offered him a lifeline.

“Tonight, I’m officially offering Joe the chance to redeem himself in front of the entire world,” Trump said. “So (Sen.) Marco (Rubio, R-Fla.) and (Rep.) Byron (Donalds, R-Fla.) and everybody, here’s what we’re going to do; you can be referees if you want. Let’s have another debate this week so sleepy Joe Biden can show everybody in the world that he’s got what it takes to be president. But this time it’s going to be man-to-man. No moderators, no holds barred. Just name the place, whenever you want, anywhere.”

Rubio, who is reportedly one of three finalists for Trump’s vice presidential pick, spoke at the rally before Trump’s speech. Rubio was reportedly the only vice presidential candidate in Doral.

At one point, Trump acknowledged the amount of press at the rally.

“They’re probably expecting me to announce Rubio as vice president,” Trump said. “That’s a lot of press. A lot of press.”

Later in the speech, he said Rubio might not be in the Senate to vote for Trump’s plan to de-tax tips, “but he will be involved.”

Trump is expected to announce his pick before the Republican National Convention begins Monday in Milwaukee.

Trump segued from a second debate into a golf contest against Biden, a talking point toward the end of their first debate on June 27.

“When I was vice president, my handicap was down to 6,” Biden said at the end of the first debate. “And by the way, I told you I’d be happy to play golf if you carry your own bag. Do you think you can do that?”

Trump threw down the gauntlet.

“Sleepy Joe also stated that he wanted to test his skills and endurance against mine on the golf course. Can you believe it? Have you ever seen him play golf?” Trump said. “That’s why tonight… I’m also officially challenging Crooked Joe to an 18-hole golf match.

“It will be one of the most watched sporting events in history, maybe bigger than the Ryder Cup or even the Masters, and I’ll even give Joe Biden 10 strokes a side, 10 strokes. That’s a lot. That means 20 strokes in case you don’t play golf… And if he wins, I’ll give the charity of his choice, any charity he wants, a million dollars. And I bet he doesn’t take me up on the offer.”

Trump also took aim at Vice President Kamala Harris, saying that choosing her as his vice president was a “brilliant decision” by Biden.

“Picking Kamala Harris as vice president was the best insurance policy of all time,” Trump said. “If Joe had picked anyone halfway competent, he would have been kicked out of office years ago.”


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