Pakistan: Poliovirus detected in sewage samples from three infected districts

Islamabad, July 10, 2018: Wastewater samples collected from three previously infected districts in Pakistan have again tested positive for wild poliovirus type 1, Pakistan’s health ministry said.

Environmental samples collected between June 11 and 13 in Karachi South and Karachi Korangi districts in the southern province of Sindh and Dera Bugti district in the southwestern province of Balochistan contained the virus, the ministry said in a statement.

All positive samples are genetically linked to the YB3A type 1 gene cluster, which has been detected in all positive cases and sewage samples reported this year, Xinhua news agency quoted the statement as saying.

Pakistan’s Polio Programme conducted a polio campaign last week from July 1 to 7 in 41 districts during which more than 8.4 million children under the age of five were vaccinated, the ministry said, adding that this was the sixth polio campaign of the year.

So far this year, eight patients have been infected in South Asian countries and the virus has been detected in environmental samples from 49 districts.

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