Confidence Man announces new mix ‘Fabric Presents…’ with the single ‘Break It Down (On The Bassline)’

Confidence Man has announced his new mix ‘Fabric Presents…’ and shared his new single ‘Break It Down (On The Bassline)’.

The Australian band have teamed up with Australian DJ/producer duo IN2STELLAR on ‘Break It Down (On The Bassline)’, an upbeat and vibrant dance track that features Confidence Man’s Janet Planet on vocals. “Break it down to the bass line” before the bass falls.

They’ve teamed up with Fabric, the iconic hub of electronic music culture, for ‘Fabric Presents Confidence Man’, which the band have described in a press release as a “bunch of songs we’ve been playing at parties and DJ sets etc, mixed with a bunch of older tunes we’ve loved for years.”

They continued: “There are also a bunch of songs that friends sent us that we like as well. We’re trying to make something that we would love to dance to.” And on today’s collaboration, IN2STELLAR adds: “We’ve had countless nights of partying and clubbing with Confidence Man and we’ve always bonded over our shared love of early 2000s club hits and DJing. For us, this song feels like all those nights rolled into one and it’s definitely one for the club.”

‘Fabric Presents Confidence Man’ is out on August 23. You can pre-order or save it here. Both the single and mix arrive after the band played an early afternoon set on The Other Stage on June 28 at Glastonbury 2024.

Artwork ‘Fabric Presents Confidence man’. Credit: PRESS

The track listing for ‘Fabric Presents Confidence Man’ is:

Confidence Man – ‘Let the bells ring’ *
Leinad – ‘Electric City’
John Heaven – ‘Vocalsita’
Sweely – ‘Gedup (And shake your butt)’
Joe Goddard with the song. Suku from District 21 — ‘Flex’*
Wallace – ‘Breathe’
Jex Opolis – ‘Wide Awake (Dub)’
Alex Kassian – ‘Oolong Trance (Paradise mix)’
MSTRKRFT – ‘Easy Love’
Papa Nugs & DJ ADHD – ‘Buss It (feat. Blapps Posse)’
Patrick Prins – ‘Conga Party’
Cygnus X – ‘Positron’03’
Demi Riquísimo – ‘Windows 95 Anthem (Chloé Caillet Remix)’
Mona Yim – ‘Baby Dragon’ *
Pulverize – ‘Scum’
Joshua James – ‘God Is Coming (She’s Angry*)’
Joe Koshin – ‘I Like This’
Wodda – ‘Extortioner’
The Emanations featuring Janet Planet – ‘The Beat Is Easy (Ché Luca’s Lucid Rave Mix)’ *

* Exclusive tracks

Vinyl sampler track listing:

A2 Sweely — ‘Gedup (And shake your butt)’
B1 Wallace — ‘Breathe’
B2 Jex Opolis — ‘Awake (Dub)’
C1 Joe Goddard con. Suku from District 21 — ‘Flex’
C2 Joshua James — ‘God Is Coming (She’s Angry)’
D1 The Emanations ft. Janet Planet — ‘The Beat Is Easy (Ché Luca’s Lucid Rave Mix)’
D2 Confidence Man — ‘Let the bells ring’

Speaking about his performance, NME She wrote: “There were costume changes, perfectly synchronized dance moves, and the crowd cheered every time vocalist Sugar Bones sent bandmate Janet Planet flying into the air. Instrumentalists and producers Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild wore their signature black veils; at one point, the camera panned to three fans on the barrier wearing the same veil.”

Planet and her bandmate Sugar Bones also spoke to NME about his upcoming album ‘3AM (LA LA LA)’, which is set to be released on October 18. “The album will have some country songs, it will be whatever we have available, whatever we have,” Bones said.

Planet went on to explain: “We set out to write this record thinking that the best way to write music together was to be completely drunk. So what we did with this record was: ‘Don’t write anything sober.’ Just drunk. So we would go to Café Cecilia, near our studio, get completely wasted and then go to our studio in London Fields from 4pm until 10am. And that was the only way we wrote the record.”

Bones added: “It works really well for the initial spark, and then you come back and think, ‘What the hell happened last night?’ and see if there’s anything good. But there was always something good!”

Planet explained: “That’s why the album is called ‘3AM (LA LA LA)’, because the peak time was 3am, and after 3am it slowly deteriorated.”

On the other hand, the couple recently moved to London and they told… NME that their album “is very London-inspired, both sonically and lyrically. It’s about a group of friends moving to London and not knowing what the hell is going on, just the general excitement of being in a new place.”