Video shows explosives accident in Manville over July 4th weekend – NBC New York

Security camera footage showed the moment an explosion went off in a New Jersey park, sending shrapnel flying a football field away, leaving one victim seriously injured and sending a father-son duo behind bars.

In the video taken from afar, other people in the Valley section of Manville can be seen having a holiday barbecue around 8:15 p.m. Saturday. A man can be seen walking in the middle of Cooper Street Park and then lighting something on fire. As the man runs away, the object he lit begins to smoke.

Immediately afterward, a huge explosion occurred, sending smoke and shrapnel flying in all directions. According to authorities, some pieces of metal were thrown up to 100 meters away.

One homeowner said metal shrapnel exploded in the front of her home, in her bedroom, in a bathroom, around the back of the house and in a gazebo. Other pieces flew through the air before lodging in her backyard neighbor’s bathtub.

“It wasn’t fireworks to celebrate the Fourth of July, it was a pipe bomb,” said neighbor Dayna Cammacho.

Emergency services treated a 34-year-old man for lower torso injuries at the scene and airlifted him to a trauma hospital. He was 60 metres from the blast, but even that distance could not keep him safe as he was hit by metal shrapnel.

The terrifying and potentially life-changing injury forced one woman, a trauma nurse, to go from organizing a high school graduation party for her godson to stepping in to help stop the bleeding.

“It was like a war wound, it was horrible,” Cammacho said. “If they hadn’t been there, he would have bled out in that field and died.”

The seriously injured person required multiple surgeries at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Police arrested Thomas Kaiser, 60, and his son Erich, 28, charging the father and son with aggravated assault and possession of an explosive device.

Investigators say the Kaisers allegedly tried to detonate a signal cannon, a device designed to create a large explosion and cloud of smoke when ignited. Instead, the entire metal container exploded.

Three homes and two vehicles were also reported damaged.

Thomas and Erich Kaiser were released pending a preliminary hearing in Somerset County Superior Court. Attorneys for the men were not immediately clear.

This isn’t Thomas Kaiser’s first foray into the world of fire. He was arrested in 2019 after bringing a cooler full of fireworks into a Jersey Shore bar, forcing the cancellation of a scheduled Labor Day parade. Thomas Kaiser pleaded guilty and was sentenced the following year to one year of probation.