Video shows suspect allegedly dragging Yazmeen Williams’ body in a bag down Kips Bay Street

NEW YORK — A man has been charged after The body of Yazmeen Williams, 31, was found wrapped in a sleeping bag. in the Kips Bay neighborhood of New York City.

Her body was found Friday after police responded to a call about a suspicious package on 27th Street between Second and Third avenues. Police say Williams was shot in the head and the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.

Chad Irish accused of hiding Yazmeen Williams’ body

Chad Irish, 55, has been charged with concealing a corpse. More charges are possible.

According to CBS New York sources, the man has nearly two dozen prior arrests and was in prison twice for robbery and assault in the Bronx. They also claim that he was on parole, having been released from prison two years ago. Most of his prior arrests are related to drug possession.

On Monday afternoon, angry friends and family of Williams mobbed him as he was arrested. Police wheeled Irish out on a stretcher as the crowd rushed to attack him. Police confiscated Irish’s wheelchair and dog.

On Tuesday, members of the New York Police Department’s Crime Scene Unit went to collect evidence from Irish’s apartment.

Exclusive video shows a man in a motorized wheelchair casually dragging what appears to be the same garbage bag inside which Williams’ lifeless body was found, wrapped in a sleeping bag.

“I don’t know if this is the real killer… but it’s inhumane. They’re dragging someone’s daughter through the street. He should be lucky that the police caught him before that community did,” Mayor Eric Adams said.

Several people said Williams was friends with a man who uses a wheelchair in the neighborhood. She grew up there and lived nearby.

There is still no information on where the murder took place, and police are trying to determine if the murder occurred in Irish’s apartment.

Police sources say Irish is the prime suspect in the murder.

“He definitely deserves to be in jail and locked up, he doesn’t deserve to go home or anything like that,” said Tommy Mena, a friend of the victim.

“Do you feel like it was him?” asked CBS New York’s Lisa Rozner.

“Sure, sure, definitely… He was always with her, so it definitely had to be him,” Mena said.

“Do you know if they were dating or if she lived there?” Rozner asked.

“Not necessarily, but I know he would take her home, she would go to his house,” Mena said. “But I know he could be abusive.”

Other neighbors told CBS New York that the victim had been staying with Irish before she disappeared.

Law enforcement sources told CBS that New York detectives have surveillance video showing Irish dragging a sleeping bag past neighbors outside the Straus Houses.

Neighbor Antowne Frazier says he was suspicious of Irish even before police arrested him.

“I asked him. I turned around and said, ‘What did you do to that young lady?'” Frazier said.

Frazier said that when he was questioned about the sleeping bag, he claims Irish told him it was filled with dirty clothes.

Police sources add that on Monday, before his arrest, Irish allegedly threatened a man with a gun during an argument, for which he also faces charges of menacing and weapons possession in that case.

“I got into an argument with him, he brandished a gun, one of my friends pepper-sprayed him, he ran off and he and I stood there arguing while he showed off the gun. He pulled it out from under his seat,” Frazier said. “He came back into the park around 3:30, at 4 he brandished the gun, so I thought he was trying to make good on his threat, so I called the police and chased him down. Everyone around the block followed him. That’s how he got caught.”

Loved ones remember Yazmeen Williams

Williams’ family and friends had gathered Monday near the spot where her body was discovered. A makeshift memorial was set up there.

Yazmeen’s mother, Nicole Williams, said her daughter was looking forward to her future; she was scheduled to start a new job at the city’s Housing Preservation Department on Monday.

“She was looking forward to living, living her life,” Nicole Williams said. “She got her degree in criminal justice. She went to Buffalo State University and wanted to go back to school to become a lawyer.”

Yazmeen Williams had a twin brother and a younger sister.

“She always took good care of me and was always proud of me. She was the best sister I could have asked for and I love her so much. I just wish she would have stayed a little longer because I just wanted to grow up with her,” said Yazmeen’s little sister.

“Yazmeen was a very loving person. She had a lot of energy. She knew people in the neighborhood, so she was very loving, so it’s quite sad,” Mena said.