EA College Football 25 Ultimate Team Reveal Answers Several Questions

All I know is that when Auburn’s Cam Newton is released in EA College Football 25, I’m going to need some time off.

EA has finally revealed one of the final details of College Football 25: the details of its Ultimate Team structure.

Yes, the game will feature NFL legends such as alumni in their college uniforms, according to the detailed blog posted Tuesday.

We saw card images of the Miami Hurricanes’ Ray Lewis and the Ohio State Buckeyes’ Joey Bosa, and there were text references to college versions of Patrick Mahomes, Davante Adams, Christian McCaffrey, Josh Allen, Ceedee Lamb, Stefon Diggs and Joe Burrow.

While Newton wasn’t one of the revealed legends, his card might be the one that gets me spending more time in a mode that’s not usually my top priority.

Here is an overview of the best information about CUT.

How to get started in CUT?

You pick your favorite school and are given “a handful of names that will be familiar to you.” That sounds like a mix of players from the current team and others who attended the school in the past.

Challenges and objectives

CUT isn’t reinventing the wheel of Collector Mode with its functionality.

Similar to Madden Ultimate Team, players can complete challenge and objective concepts to earn rewards, which can take the form of packs, player items, or coins.

According to the blog, the game will launch with over 100 challenges and some replays will be in “ICYMI” tabs to give late users a second chance to earn the rewards associated with the challenges.

The market

CUT will give users the opportunity to earn coins by completing challenges. Of course, there is a way to purchase coins with real money. With coins, users can purchase items in the marketplace, such as bundles.

The Auction House also returns, giving users the opportunity to use their coins to purchase cards of specific players.

Team chemistry is part of CUT

At CUT, Chemistry is based on several categories, schools (134) and different offensive and defensive schemes.

If you’re running a ball-control offense, you’ll need player cards that complement that playbook. The same can be said for pass-based offenses and various defensive schemes.

The more player cards you have that match the schemes in your playbook, the greater attribute boosts you’ll receive. You’ll have the opportunity to try out different schemes in playtests to see which works best for your style and your current set of player cards.

Thousands of cards

There will be tons of cards available in CUT, and while they will all have overall ratings, they will be categorized by the following rarities:

  • Common – Grey
  • Rare – Green
  • Strange – Blue
  • Epic – Purple
  • Legendary – Gold

These cards may have unique abilities to improve the player’s effectiveness on the virtual field. If you look at the back of the cards with a flick of the right stick, you will discover this information.

The skills in CUT are the same as those in the base game and have been divided into the same two categories: mental and physical.

Users will be able to train to add skills to cards and acquire cards with those existing skills.


New content will be introduced through programs, and Ultimate Alumni, also available to pre-order customers, will be one of the first to launch.

It works exactly like it sounds and EA has unveiled the list of player cards that will be part of this series. To unlock them, players must play through moments inspired by the players’ best moments on the college gridiron.

  • Brock Bowers
  • Blake Corum
  • Cooper Dejean
  • Michael Penix Jr
  • Verse of Jared
  • Adonai Mitchell
  • J.C. Latham
  • Jordan Morgan
  • Payton Wilson
  • Quinyon Mitchell

New ways to play

CUT will introduce a new game mode to EA’s collector’s catalog of modes called Solo Seasons.

Users can play in a season format with their Ultimate Team against AI opponents. It is very similar to the mini-seasons of MLB The Show in Diamond Dynasty.

If a user achieves a 5-0 result in their season, they will get a direct pass to the playoffs and compete for the championship to earn rewards. This system is repeatable and always remains an option for CUT users.

There is also a PvP version of Seasons called H2H Seasons and a co-op version called Squads Regular Season.

Another new game mode is Gauntlet. This feature is another PvP mode that challenges users to pit their opponent online against other players with the task of racking up ten wins before suffering two losses.

This setup is similar to Battle Royale in Diamond Dynasty, although there is no draft before the action. The challenge starts every Friday and refreshes the following Thursday.

There is another game mode that will live within CUT.

House Rules allows users to play online games that break the traditional rules of football. At launch, EA will release Touchdown Tango and Overtime.

Below is a breakdown from the EA blog on both House Rules stipulations.

  • Landing Tango – First downs of 25 yards AND 14 points for a touchdown. Go up 28 points and win immediately! Earn players and packs in case you missed it by racking up wins.
  • Over time – Play the iconic college football overtime against other players! Each team has a drive to score a touchdown or field goal until someone fails. The highest score wins.

While Ultimate Team isn’t my favorite way to play Madden, and for me it won’t top Dynasty Mode in College Football 25, it sounds like a fully-fledged feature that will become very lucrative for EA.

College Football 25 launches on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on July 19, and for pre-order customers on July 16.