DeMar DeRozan Talks About His Cameo in Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Video

DeMar DeRozan is Team Kendrick Lamar. It was clear from the moment he appeared on stage during Lamar’s “Pop Out” show. He danced alongside Russell Westbrook as Lamar performed the ubiquitous “Not Like Us” five times in a row. If DeRozan’s allegiance wasn’t clear enough, he also appeared in the song’s music video. He sided with his Compton brothers, which didn’t require much explaining. That said, the NBA superstar clarified his decision during a recent interview.

DeMar DeRozan continued FOX 40 Sports DeRozan spoke about his involvement in the music video. He made it clear that he has nothing against Drake, but that he will always side with K. Dot when it comes time for a battle. “I love Drake, I can always play with him,” he told the reporter. However, when it comes to Kendrick Lamar, there is a different level of loyalty. “Kendrick is a friend of mine. He’s almost like family,” DeRozan stated. “We’re both from the same city. We grew up in the same neighborhood, he’s always been there.”

DeMar DeRozan considers Kendrick Lamar part of his family

DeRozan also admitted that the closeness of his friendship with Lamar may not have been public knowledge prior to the battle. “It hasn’t always been publicized,” he noted. “But that’s basically family.” DeMar DeRozan occupies an even more interesting role in the Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar battle than it initially appears. He was drafted by the Toronto Raptors and spent a decade playing for the team for which Drake is a global ambassador. The All-Star even appeared in a comedy skit with Drake (and Will Ferrell) during the 2016 ESPYS.

The Toronto connection, coupled with Compton origins, made DeMar DeRozan a prime reference point for Kendrick Lamar during the battle. Accordingly, the rapper mentions DeRozan in the second verse of “Not Like Us.” “I’m glad DeRozan came home, y’all didn’t deserve it either,” K. Dot raps. “From Alondra to Central, that black better not talk about Serena.” While it’s hard to imagine a friendship between Drake and DeRozan in the near future, at least the latter showed love during their interview.

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