Can you buy a day pass for the new water park?

  • Florida’s first Great Wolf Lodge resort will open in Naples in early fall season.
  • The 20-acre resort includes 500 suites, multiple restaurants and is home to several family-friendly attractions, including the 100,000-square-foot indoor water park.
  • Officials said there are more than 800 parking spaces for the 500-room resort, but they first want to understand what the guest pattern is.

There are two more months until Floridians can finally take a break from the beach and retreat to the mountains, so to speak.

The state’s first Great Wolf Lodge resort is set to open in Naples in early fall; the $250 million project will house an indoor water park that stays at a balmy 84 degrees year-round.

Located near the junction of I-75 and Collier Boulevard, the 20-acre resort includes 500 suites, several restaurants and is home to several family-friendly attractions, including the 100,000-square-foot indoor water park. But is there an option for local residents who don’t necessarily want to book a room every time they want to ride down the water slides or relax in the lazy river?

What is Great Wolf Lodge?

Great Wolf Lodge is a family-friendly resort featuring an indoor water park and other activities for all ages.

According to its website, Great Wolf Lodge is “North America’s largest family of indoor waterpark resorts.” It originally began as a small indoor waterpark resort called Black Wolf Lodge, founded in 1997 by brothers Jack and Andrew “Turk” Waterman in Wisconsin.

Since then, it has grown to 22 Great Wolf Lodge resorts across the U.S. and Canada, including two new locations opening this year in Naples and Houston.

When is Great Wolf Lodge in Naples open?

South Florida’s Great Wolf Lodge is looking to open on Wednesday, September 25. Florida’s new Great Wolf Lodge will be located at 3900 City Gate Blvd., Naples.

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What will the water park at the Great Wolf Lodge resort in southwest Florida be like?

Located near the interchange of I-75 and Collier Boulevard, the 20-acre resort includes 500 suites and a 100,000-square-foot indoor water park with 12 slides, three pools and two interactive water play areas.

Below are the highlights, provided by Great Wolf Lodge:

  • Breakaway Bay:This is the first of its kind at Great Wolf Lodge. You’ll board a five-passenger raft and be launched at top speed into a cone-shaped “tornado” before exiting on a 360-degree loop. Then, you’ll enter a giant bowl, spin around, and free-fall into the splash flume.
  • Otter Cave Water Network:Multi-level interactive water park with 1000 gallon tipping bucket
  • High leg roller:This body slide takes you through enclosed channels as you twist and turn before dropping into a water-filled drain.
  • Forest channelThis is a body slide that accelerates riders through 360-degree loops, hairpin turns and drops.
  • Fast runner:Slides next to each other that you can run down with your loved ones.
  • River canyon race: Family raft ride that takes you down one of the longest slides in the park. There are no steep drops on this one.
  • Slap Tail Pond:Family wave pool that produces waves up to three feet.
  • Crooked Creek:Slow and relaxing river.
  • Otter Springs:Play pool with gentle slides for babies and toddlers.
  • Chinook Cove:Activity pool with basketball hoops and floating obstacles.
  • Bigfoot Pass: Water lily obstacle challenge.

Great Wolf Lodge South Florida will also feature a zero-entry outdoor pool and hot tub area surrounded by outdoor cabanas.

Are all Great Wolf Lodge water parks the same?

While all Great Wolf Lodge locations offer slides and pools, the exact type and number of water attractions varies by location.

Which slides and pools are suitable for children?

All of Great Wolf Lodge’s water attractions are kid-friendly except for North Hot Springs, which is an adults-only hot tub.

Can Florida residents purchase a daily pass to the indoor water park?

Yes, but don’t worry, it won’t be available immediately after opening. Officials said there are more than 800 parking spots for the 500-room resort, but they want to understand guest patterns first.

“The best way to experience Great Wolf is to stay overnight and enjoy our restaurants, our 61,000-square-foot adventure park, as well as the water park,” said Jason Bays, general manager of Great Wolf Lodge South Florida, who comes to Florida after leading the chain’s Atlanta-area location.

“That said, a few months after opening, we will have some limited day pass opportunities for guests who want to join us just for the day. Absolutely.”

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How much are day passes to Great Wolf Lodge?

While pricing has not been set locally for Naples, day passes at newer resorts are priced at $80 for a weekday pass per person and $120 for a Saturday or Sunday pass.

How popular are day passes at Great Wolf Lodge?

In an interview with “In The Know,” Great Wolf Resorts Vice President Jason Lasecki shared that the popularity of day passes depends on the location.

Many of the day passes at the Georgia resort came from guests staying at a neighboring hotel who saw Great Wolf Lodge and said, “Hey, let’s go there for the day,” Lasecki said.

“But what you can see is that overnight guests end up having a more enriching experience. The water park is definitely the highlight.”

Contributors: Kendall Little, Naples Daily News