Is Michael Carter II as elitist as they say?

Is Michael Carter II as good as fans and stats suggest?

You can’t talk about him without New York Jets fans bringing up the “underrated” label: Michael Carter II.

Although underrated nationally, the Jets cornerback is anything but underrated among Jets fans. The Duke product is well-liked among the Gang Green faithful. Carter II, a former fifth-round pick, has emerged as one of the league’s top cornerbacks.

Even if he hasn’t received national recognition for his work, most metrics show that Carter II isn’t just “one of” the best slot defenders in the game, he might be the best.

Week after week, four quarters will fly by without Carter II’s name barely being mentioned on the broadcast. That’s because he consistently keeps his opponent at bay in coverage. In 2023, Carter II allowed the fewest receptions and yards of any slot cornerback and also committed the fewest fouls.

So what’s going on? If Carter II is as elite as these stats suggest, why isn’t he named to the Pro Bowl or All-Pro teams? Is he really an elite player? that underrated, or do these statistics overrate it a bit?

We are here to answer those questions today.

In the latest Blewett’s Blitz film review, we break down 28 plays from Carter II’s 2023 season to show exactly how much of an impact he has on the Jets’ defense.

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Michael Carter II Movie Review, Members Only

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