A video about what didn’t exist when Trump and Biden were born goes viral

A man has gone viral for listing things that are younger than Joe Biden and Donald Trump, from ciabatta bread to color TVs.

At 81 and 78 years old respectively, current President Biden and former US President Trump are the two oldest potential presidents in history.

Ronald Reagan, who was 69 at the time of his inauguration, had been the oldest president, but Trump was 70 when he took office and Biden was 78.

After a debate between the two nominees raised concerns about Biden’s age in particular, a major online discussion began, encapsulated in a viral video by influencer Brian Xu.

Former US President Donald Trump, left, participates in the CNN presidential debate in Atlanta, Georgia, June 27, 2024. US President Joe Biden, right, speaks at the White House in Washington, DC, July 7, 2024.

Justin Sullivan/ Mandel Ngan/Getty

He said Week of news He made the video “out of desperation after watching the first presidential debate and thinking, ‘Wow, these are fossils, why haven’t they been removed yet?'”

“I started asking myself, ‘How old is it?’ and started looking for people and events that would contextualize fossilization more vividly.”

Xu took to TikTok with a simple premise: things younger than Biden and Trump, who were born on Nov. 20, 1942, and Jan. 14, 1946.

The list included the country of India, which gained independence in 1947, and the states of Alaska and Hawaii, which joined the United States in 1959.

Interracial marriage was only permitted nationwide in the United States in 1967, and the last guillotine execution in France took place in 1977.

Xu’s video explains that color television was invented in 1954 and ciabatta bread was only created in 1982.

It has had more than 18 million views and 3 million likes since it was uploaded just a week ago, with thousands of people leaving comments.

“The fact that Bill Clinton was first elected over 30 years ago and is still younger than those two is insane and a huge mockery of our entire system of government,” one commentator wrote.

“Wait, you’re telling me that in the first 17 years of Biden’s life, he only knew 48 states?” said another, with another writing: “PLEASE FORGIVE ME! Our current president was born during WWII?”

And as one person said, “I understand they were old, but this really put it into perspective. I could understand that it was somehow crazier than I expected.”

Data scientist and content creator Xu said: Week of news He was “slightly amused and slightly disturbed to see so much bipartisan concern about age in the comments on these videos.”

“I currently live in New York City and was previously in San Francisco and grew up in Mississippi, so I come from communities at various ends of the political spectrum,” she explained.

Brian Xu appears in two images from his viral video. Xu has gone viral for listing things that are younger than Joe Biden and Donald Trump, from ciabatta bread to color TVs.

TikTok @bri_xu

Xu, who posts on TikTok and Instagram under the username @bri_xu, went on to say that the comments on the video, with many people naming things younger than the two presidential hopefuls, “are helping me make a part two.”

The second part has already been created and has accumulated nearly 7 million views in two days, with prominent topics such as the polio vaccine and the end of segregation in schools.

At the other end of the presidential age scale, Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest president in American history, taking office at age 42, followed by John F. Kennedy at 43 and Bill Clinton at 46.

On average, presidents are sworn in at age 55, according to

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